Reinforced Air Hose


Reinforced Air Hose

Air Hoses

• REMA TIP TOP Heavy duty, non-kink reinforced air hoses perform flawlessly in all conditions.

• Toughness tested, performance proven.

• Especially designed to withstand the wide range of weather and abrasion conditions experienced by today’s active repair facilities.

• Typical air-hose products are a combination of three structural elements: Tube, cover and reinforcement layer. 

REMA TIP TOP’s Red air-hose products consist of an:

• EPDM rubber tube (liner)

• Oil resistant and abrasion resistant EPDM cover 

• Unique four-spiral polyester reinforcement layer creating a durable, kink-free design that results in an extended service life.

REMA TIP TOP’s redesigned end-fitting incorporates long, vertical splines resulting in a positive and secure fit.

• Our pin pricked, EPDM cover improves adhesion between the tube and cover, enhancing the integrity of the air-hose.

• Working pressures to 300psi

• Burst strength with a safety factor of 4 to 1

• Designed to perform flawlessly between -40° and +200° Fahrenheit.

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Diameter: 1/2"
Length: 500 FT